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Are you wanting to work with a Personal Trainer but can’t afford the upfront cost? Using your Apple or Android device, not only is it affordable, our fitness programs are built with cutting edge technology and science based off of your individualized needs that are sure to help you conquer your next challenge. No more worrying about what to do or how to get started. We build your fitness routine, you just open the App and follow.


STOCK PROGRAMS (Starting at)


Stock Programs

Choose from a list 68 STOCK Programs from 3 weeks up to 18 weeks in length

100% Program Delivered Daily via App

Includes the Features Below

*Some programs may not be available

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Monthly Training

100% Custom Program Delivered Daily via App

Pre and Post Phone Consultation (30 minutes each)

Including all the Features Below



Quarterly Training

10% off Monthly Rate

Includes everything in Monthly

Includes Monthly Check Up (30 minutes each)

Includes all the Features Below

*Energy System Development (Cardio) can be added at an additional cost.




  • 6 Levels of progressive training from youth to advanced

  • Test weeks built into your programming to keep you challenged

  • Quickly update the assigned weight, reps, and other parameters while training

  • Daily Performance Survey Tracks your weight, sleep, nutrition, & Hydration

  • Chart every rep and set of your exercise history to track progress

  • Access your training through Bridge native iOS, Android, or tablet apps

  • Tailored exercises around your available equipment

  • Directly message the trainer

  • Access to Bridge Online Support Team

Each exercise will have a “How to perform video.” Below are some examples.


The videos are examples from the BridgeTracker app, witch will be the platform you will utilize your Remote Personalized Fitness Program via your cell phone, iPad, or personal computer.*

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how to begin:

  1. Start by filling the intake.

  2. We will review the intake and respond to you (usually within 24 hours)

  3. We will contact you for an initial 30-45 minute consultation via phone, FaceTime, or other.

  4. We will then finalize with the payment process, followed by up to 48 hours to build your personalized program.

  5. For quicker turn around, you can purchase the product in advance by going to Pay for Services and choosing your service. We limit the number of some packages for quality of service needs.

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Helpful Tips

What makes our Online Personal Training different than others? Your program is developed by an actual trainer who works with you personally, who builds your program based off of your individualized needs, available equipment, and virtually any location you can possibly exercise. If you want some modifications to the workout, send a message through the platform and we will adjust accordingly.

You want a program, but don’t need trainer? No worries here, we have Stock Programs that aren’t just affordable, but are built using the same cutting edge technology and science based practices as our Individualized programs. Whether you are working on a specific sporting event or just want to move better, look better, and feel better about yourself…we’ve got you covered.

Why can’t I select Quarterly Pro? Quarterly Pro is our Premier service and requires more attention to detail and more one-on-one attention, very much like if you went to a gym hired a trainer. For this reason, we only open up this service a few times a year for the benefit of our clients.

I live in another state, can I join the Quarterly Pro? Yes, but in regards to some of the added benefits of some in-person interaction, we cannot provide that. We can in fact perform more FaceTime Interaction via your cell phone or tablet. We simply adjust some of the assessments.

Why does it take up to 48 hours to build a program? We want to make sure every detail is right before it is sent to you. Building programs from scratch takes some time. The good things is we follow a similar approach or method to all of our routines, whether it be weight loss or weight gain, which helps up speed up the process.

If you are searching for In-Person Personal Training or a different service, please contact us or go to the In-Person Client Intake here.