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What are Virtual Sessions?

In addition to my Online and In-Person sessions, I offer the ability to work with me via FaceTime or Skype. If you would like to schedule a fitness session, a face-to-face consult, or a live assessment, this is how we would accomplish that. Below is a brief description of how each works.

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Virtual Fitness is one of the hottest trends in the market today. With this service I will be training you via FaceTime or Skype. If you are someone who needs a little extra motivation to conquar your online program, this is a great option to seek. It is a strict schedule basis and isn’t always available.

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FaceTime Consults are very useful for establishing a better relationship with me as your trainer. In these consults we will discuss things like results from assessments, plan’s of action, or how we are going to adjust those plans. I recommend having consults at least once a month. If you are someone who things FaceTime consults are better, I offer different packages to suit your needs.

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FaceTime Assessments are on a scheduled basis. It will require you to have some type of way of mounting your phone or simply keeping it still. This is usually used for Movement Assessments. I recommend scheduling a Movement Assessments 1-2 times every couple of months. As you progress through your routines, you will notice some differences in your movement, we need to make notes of this because it could help us with improving your program to better serve you in reaching your ultimate goal. Whether trying to lose weight or reduce injuries, a movement assessments is probably one of the most recommended assessments into today’s fitness industry.

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Email Messaging is by far the easiest way of contact. It’s absolutely free all the time, but I would like you to limit your wording as much as possible. Remember, that if you are using your BridgeTracker app and you have a question, you can send a message through it.