Personal Training Prices


Every individual training with Brunner Athletic Development & Health Fitness will be given the first session free with the purchase of a package. In this first session you will be put through one or more of the following evaluations: Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance Test, NASM-CeX Screen, MyTPI Screen, Body Fat composition assessment (via BodyFat Scale, Skin Fold, or Girth), Strength assessment, VO2 Max assessment. *Some tests may not be listed. These evaluations will help us develop a program we see is best fit for your Lifestyle Profile. This up to 1 hour service is complimentary, however no shows will be charged the entirety of the session. All clients must pay for the Polar Heart Rate Sensor before any assessments. We require a Bluetooth Polar Heart Rate sensor for all activities in order for us to track your progress, for safety, and possible contests within our business.


Personal training is more than just an exercise guide. At BADHF, personal training is a physical and inspiring experience where you are safely coached and held accountable to achieving new levels of fitness. Every training program is tailored to address your personal Lifestyle Profile and achieve specific goals defined in partnership with your trainer. 

  • Per Session Rate = $75 - $95 (Plus tax) (55 mins).
  • All First Time Clients must pay a $75 fee for the Heart Rate Sensor.

*At the beginning of 2016 we no longer will be offering 25 minute sessions, except for 20/20 Alumni.  


If you've never tried personal training, this introductory package is a great way to help you create a motivating fitness routine that can produce the results you desire. This package includes twelve personal training sessions. This package expires 12 weeks from date of purchase. One training session for the Jumpstart package can be exchanged for a diet assessment session.  

  • Jump Start Package  $900 - $1,120 (Plus tax)
    • (x12 - 55 min sessions)
    • Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor


Small group training provides the same benefits as our one-on-one program with the added benefits of being with friends and a lower session rate. Sessions may be available for up four people. This is only offered on a limited basis.

  • Partner Training Rate      $56.25 - $71.25 per person (Plus tax) 
  • 3 Person Training            $48.75 - $61.25 per person (Plus tax)
  • 4 Person Training            $41.25 - $52.25 per person (Plus tax)
  • Partner Start Package       $525 - $645 per person (New users only)
    • 8 - 40 - 55 min sessions
    • Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor


For those 20/20 Alumni successful with their strength programs but need more trainer guidance and motivation for cardiovascular exercise, for 25 minutes two or three times per week. We can add the total cost to your per session rate, or you can purchase an 8 session package or 12 session package.

  • 20/20 Alumni Cardio       $47.50 (25 mins) (Plus tax)
  • 20/20 8 Session                 $380 (Plus tax)
  • 20/20 12 session               $570 (Plus tax)

Cancellation Policy: Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full session fee. Prices are subject to change without notice.

The Traveler Policy: If you are traveling we require a 1/2 per session charge in order to maintain your spot. 

*Rates are more or less depending on length of session and location.

Some of our Areas of expertise

  • Athletic Development
  • Tactical Strength & Conditioning
  • Post-Rehabilitation
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Weight Management
  • Corrective Exercise Programs
    • MS, Y-Balance Test, MyTPI, NASM
  • Myofascial Compression Techniques via   TP-Therapy Methods.
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Training
  • Bridal/Groom Fitness Makeover

Precision Nutrition ProCoach Pricing (July 2016)

This year we will be starting  a new state of the art nutrition software program. What you get is 12 months of lessons and habits, tailored to your goals. The days of meal plans and counting calories are over.  The habit-based curriculum focuses on nutrition, sleep, stress-management, mindset, and overall healthy living. This is not a diet philosophy program. As you probably know, we’re nutritional agnostics. And, while meal-plan approaches require one to choose between Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, or other “labelled” diets, habit-based approaches don’t force this choice. This means our progressive systems of habits, lessons, and assignments can work equally well for vegetarians (who eat no meat) or meatatarians (who eat mostly meat). No exercise prescription is included with ProCoach, but if you would like to exercise with us, make sure you ask.

The Cost:

  • $179 per month

Cancellation Policy: With the ProCoach Program, you can cancel whenever you want. The month is not pro-rated, but you will continue to get access till the end of that month. Then, payments will stop being automatically renewed. If you cancel, I am sorry, but the lessons stop too.