Dynamic Warm-up Routine

This routine will begin at the home sideline with each group separated by 5 yards on the Numbers. The team will get in lines, starting with assigned leaders, followed by seniors, juniors, sophomores, and then freshman. When running drills, turn right to turn around. Begin on Coach's whistle!

Each dynamic exercise starts on the line and ends at the furthest hash mark. Exercises that call for change of direction, changes direction at the closest hash mark. These are marked with a (*) on the list. Remember these are to be performed at a jogging pace.

DYNAMIC Exercise List:(2 mins)

1.       Form Run

2.       Butt Kicks

3.       High Knees

4.       Football Carioca* (Down low)

After Carioca, players go straight to stretching lines. Once everyone is lined up, Coach yells Everybody Ready? Everybody Ready? Exercise Name followed by “READY STRETCH!” Everyone CLAPS ONCE TOGETHER! And begins the stretch. Each stretch will be 6-10 Seconds.

Stretch List:

Standing (1 Min) (CLAP)

1.       Toe Touches

2.       Legs out wide Down the Middle

3.       To the Right Foot

4.       To the Left Foot

Seated (2 Min) (CLAP)

1.       Modified Hurdle Stretch

2.       Switch to Left Side

3.       Trunk Stretch to Right

4.       Switch to the Left

5.       Butt Stretch

6.       Switch to the Left

7.       Butterfly

Partner Stretch(4 mins) or with Straps(2 Mins) (No Clap)

1.       Hamstring Stretch

2.       Leg Out (Groin)

3.       Knee to your Chest

4.       Switch to the left

Back to Normal Lines(8 Sec)

1.       Saigon Squat (Last Stretch)

In place Warm ups (1 Min)

Each rep will be called out by coach. Count them out together.

1.       Up Downs (x5)

2.       Sit-up’s with hands behind head (x5)

3.       Pushups (x5)

4.    Conch Jump and Jacks will be counted out with C-O-N-C-H-S CONCHS CONCHS CONCHS! Everyone Claps and Runs to Line Leader, then to Team and BREAK IT DOWN!

This Routine should take no longer than 10 Minutes. Not 10:01, or 10:02, but 10 Minutes.