Strength & Conditioning Philosophy


The TEAMs way of training is based on the “Hard Theory”: we will work harder than anyone and enjoy doing it! Nothing worth anything has ever been given to anyone. You must out work your opponents, period! There is no easy way to prepare for athletics in college. There is no secret program that is going to make you better than another one. The important thing is that you work as hard as possible whenever possible and never for one second doubt that you are not going to be the best that you can be.


Before we start training we will evaluate each and every one of you to find physical deficits you may have keeping you from performing at your highest ability and causing you to become injured. Having better movement mechanics allows you to run faster, jump higher, become stronger, and most important keep you from becoming injured. The benefits of Movement Training outweigh any strength & conditioning program you will be involved in as an athlete. Therefore it is important for you to follow the program exactly as it is written and perform every exercise, set, and repetition to the fullest of your ability. If you do not, you are letting yourself and the rest of your Teammates down!

We are going to train with free weights and do barbell exercises that require a great deal of concentration and effort. These exercises are total body exercises and require you to exert a great deal of energy every time you step into the weight room. It is important that you understand that we are not CrossFitters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, or powerlifters, but we will perform a great deal of the same exercises that many of these great athletes do. They (the exercises) are however, arranged, sequenced, and prescribed in a manner that is designed for you to be the very best Athlete you can be. Therefore it is very important for you to follow the program exactly as it is written and perform every exercise, set, and repetition to the fullest of your ability. If you do not, you are letting yourself and the rest of your Teammates down!

There are several areas that you must pay close attention during this PROGRAM. Too much emphasis in one area will leave you deficient in another. Overall development, specific to the challenge towards your sport is our priority. Each area must be addressed individually to achieve maximum results. They are:  

Your Commitment to Excellence

Only you can make yourself do the program when no one else is around, only you can make yourself give it all you’ve got when no one else is watching. Only you can make yourself do it when you’re so tired that you don’t think that you can take another step or do another repetition. Take responsibility of your own actions and be the best that you can be!


Nutrition is often the most overlooked aspect of an athlete’s preparation. You are what you eat! You must put the correct foods into the body in the correct amounts in order to continue to grow and improve. You must take the time to eat and live your life like a champion. Make effort to go shopping and cook your own food or Talk to your parents to help out. Never be afraid to ask. No question is ever a bad question. Do Not rely on McDonalds and Burger King or any other fast food to supply your body with what it needs to grow. Treat your body like a temple. Always drink a gallon of water every day.


The Team must be relentless competitors and play with toughness for the full length of the game and WIN THE FINAL QUARTER, INNING, or PERIOD. To do this we must be in better shape physically than our opponents. Every individual must make a commitment to do his part or the team will ultimately be the one to suffer. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this? There is no easy way around it; you must out work your opponents in this area! Work as hard as you can for as long as you can and never quit. Come to work out with an attitude, a purpose, and a goal to: make it into college and to WIN! Even if it is not your dream to play sports in college, do it for your teammate who is!


Movement is the base of your athletic pyramid.

As we evolve our body naturally corrects itself by transforming to the easiest way to move possible. This is not always the best thing. Recent research has demonstrated without Correct Movement we put ourselves at 11 time’s greater risk for injury. Improvements take a disciplined effort day after day, week after week, and year after year. We will evaluate and design a corrective exercise program for your body mechanics. It is important that you are screened by the strength coach. If you do not follow the program you are hurting yourself from being the best athletic you can be.

Muscular Strength and Power

This is the second most important level of your athletic pyramid. It is the one component you must develop by lifting weights. We have selected exercises that require you to concentrate, strain, and put forth large amounts of force. Lifting heavy weights requires a great deal of mental toughness; go to the weight room with a serious attitude. Make sure that you do these exercises correctly and always concentrate on good techniques. Strength gains are gradual, so you are unable to take long breaks from training and show consistent growth in this area. Do not miss workouts. Follow your workout as it is written down. Only increase weight were it says, not when you say so. Research shows that increasing too much at one time will cause you to either peak at the wrong time, injure yourself, or cause overtraining.

Speed Development

Maximum running speed or sprinting is the ability to run at max or near max speed for 5 to 6 seconds. Not everyone is born with incredible speed. Improvements take a disciplined effort day after day, week after week, and year after year. Speed of movement is the primary goal in improving performance. Speed is the limiting factor in many athletic events. The ability to perform at maximum speed is a laborious task. You must use your speed or lose it. If you “go through the motions” during speed improvement drills, you will show little or no improvement at all. Run every sprint as fast as possible. Always rest the prescribed amount of time while mentally preparing for the next repetition. Regardless of the distance always give one hundred percent.


Agility defined is the ability to rapidly change directions without loss of speed and/or coordination. You must be able to “move” and change directions in many sports. Straight-line speed is not very helpful if you can’t change directions. Don’t just go through the motions! See yourself chasing your opponent, planting, and changing directions and making plays. Learn to control yourself in and out of the drills and always be in control. Agility training is just like speed development. You must perform each repetition at maximum speed, rest, and do it again. Concentrate on keeping your center of gravity low and change directions as rapidly as possible.


Generally speaking, most people think of flexibility as a means of “warming-up” for an athletic even or workout. This is very true, but flexibility also plays an important role in a person’s ability to be a good athlete. You must be able to “bend” and move effortlessly on the field or court. Flexibility gives you the ability to do this. My research and experience has been proven that the majority of people who become injured are usually “stiff” people. Due to the fact that when a stiff person gets into an awkward position something must give and it’s usually the soft tissue around the joint. When working on your flexibility remember to relax and try to work right up to the sticking point and gradually work past the point without pain. Developing flexibility is a gradual process. Take your time and do it right.

Mental Toughness

Everyone lifts weights these days! We will not sneak up on anyone. All teams practice, run, and recruit well. We set KEY WEST apart from everyone else! Vince Lombardi said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” What he is saying is when a player begins to get tired it’s easier for him to make excuses for his mistakes and not being a relentless competitor. Things begin to hurt a little more when you’re tired. You begin to see the real competitors in the last quarter, inning, or period when others begin to fade. Do not be one of these people! Whatever you do before the season starts, report to your team strong, in good condition, and have an attitude that says to everyone, “I have worked hard, I have earned the right to win, and I will because I am tough and I refuse to quit or to be beaten by anyone.”

Life Style

This is simple! You can’t train like a champion and live like a bum and expect improvement on a consistent basis. Drinking, drugs, and late-nights partying will do nothing but destroy you as a person and as an athlete. Think before you do anything that may harm your body and prevent you from being the championship caliber athlete that you want to be. YOUR LIFE and Winning a Championship is an on and off the field commitment. Off the field, DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND STUDY!!!!! Eat right! Drink Fluids! Be a great citizen by helping others! Treat your family and elders with RESPECT! Treat others as you would treat yourself! 

Rest and Recovery

WORK HARD; but understand that you must recover from the work in order to get stronger, faster, and bigger. You do not get stronger while you lift, you get stronger after your body rests and recovers from the work. Lifting, stretching, sprinting, and practice break your muscle down. If you do not give your body an opportunity to recover and grow, you will not be the type of fast, musclular, and explosive athlete that you want to be. A hardworking, dedicated football player requires 6 to 9 hours of rest a night. Make sure that you have consistent sleeping times. Go to bed and fall asleep at the same time each night and you will find that you feel much better and always ready to perform.

Be Smart

By being smart means you are making the right decisions. Having a great life style, studying and doing your homework, performing at maximal effort, and resting will give you the best opportunity to go to college and be an athlete. That is our utmost importance for you as a student and an athlete. Not everyone is given this opportunity, so Live it like it’s a Dream!



Effort and consistency are the keys to your development. You must work hard every day in order to show consistent results. The world is full of average! The training process of a championship athlete is and should be DIFFICULT!  A perfect workout should consist of these fundamentals in order to be successful.


1.      Perfect repetitions performed with maximum effort.

2.      Deep concentration throughout each exercise, set, and rep.

3.      A relentless effort, until the workout is finished.

4.      Hard work, do not be distracted by others lifting, music, or personal problems.

5.      Select the optimal Weight for each set of each exercise.

6.      Begin each workout by the book and finish it by the book.

7.      Find a good training partner / Group who will work as hard as you and make him/her work harder!

8.      Challenge yourself before walking into the weight room to train like a Champion.

9.      Visualize the perfect workout while driving or walking to the weight room, see yourself cleaning, benching, squatting, and sprinting, as you never before. Use visualization to increase the intensity of your workout.

10.  Drink lots of water, eat a well-balanced meal and allow sufficient time for digestion.

11.  Think, act, talk, and carry yourself like a champion every minute you are around the facility.Never be negative, always be positive regardless of the circumstances. Do not allow yourself or someone else drag you down. Always practice self-talk.


our m.o.: "make them quit"