Functional Movement Screen

Movement is the foundation of our ability to perform at our highest level. The more dysfunctional our movement patterns are can increase our risks of injury and reduce the ability to perform at our best.  Spreading around the world, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a new tool being used by Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and other Athletic & Health Fitness Specialists to help determine your dysfunctional movement patterns & providing a baseline for developing a corrective exercise prescription. By adapting the Movement for Injury Prevention Project we will be able to help you improve your foundation so you can perform at your highest level on and off the field and/or wherever you may need it. The FMS is not only for Athletes, it also for the General population looking to lose weight or more physique. It is believed that by having proficient movement, you can actually burn more calories than if not. So, Please contact us if you are interested in being screened. Wanting to improve your athletic development? Please visit the Athletic Development. For those that are wanting to improve their overall wellness, please visit the Health Fitness page.

The FMS defined

If you are one who does not engage in physical activity regularly than you probably have poor postural habits, unwanted wait gain, & poor health. Other examples that can cause dysfunctional movement patterns include poor work ergonomics, poor quality and quantity of sleep, limited recovery between workouts and exercises, unbalanced workout and exercise practices and loads, poor coaching, training and instruction, poor nutritional habits, and food quality, workout and exercises that do not introduce a variety of movement patterns, programming lacking a balance of perspective of quality and quantity, exercise volume that compounds poor form and fosters compensation, a misunderstanding of movement competency compared to physical capacity, exercise program design without movement baselines and retesting for effectiveness, injury followed by incomplete rehabilitation and cover-up medicine, and on and on and on.

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To find a Movement Screening Professional near you click Find FMS Certified Professional. To find a TPI Professional near you click Find TPI Certified Expert. TPI or Titleist Performance Institute Professionals can give you an even more in depth screen than those with just Functional Movement Screening Certifications. The benefit of implementing the TPI screen is to help aid in improving ones athletic ability in sports such as Golf, Baseball, Softball, etc.


More Benefits for the General Population!

By learning about your dysfunctional movements and correcting them through exercise you can reduce your risks of falling, obtaining an injury, reduce back pain and/or other bodily pains. It can increase your ability to reach a level of fitness you never thought you had.  Now go get screened by any Corrective Exercise Professional, and lookout for those non-certified screener's. If you want to search for a true certified Pro, click here: FMS Certified Professional.