Pillar System of Fitness

Are you physically inactive? Do you smoke? Are you overweight or obese? Have you ever had a Heart Attack? These are only a few questions you need to answer in order to find out if you are at a higher risk of health concerns. The information you will find on the Health Fitness page by B.A.D.H.F. is to only give you simple recommendations developed by the Gold Standard in Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine. These recommendations are broken down in Five Groups - Nutrition, Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, Flexibility, & Lifestyle. If you have not had a chance to observe the Movement Page, I highly recommend this as being a great way to start any type of exercise program regarding movement dysfunctions. For those seeking an Exercise Prescription regarding in depth specifics into programs please seek an ACSM Exercise Physiologist or Physical Therapist.

Note* This is only recommendations and should only be followed with proper supervision if you have never exercised before, have a known medical condition, and/or fall under a moderate to high risk according to a health risk appraisal. If you fall under any of these, you must be approved by your physician to exercise. He/She may recommend that you precede exercise with a qualified Exercise Physiologist, or (NCCA) Personal Trainer.



There are no more excuses for not having time to exercise, TRX Suspension Training can be performed anywhere at any time. You can attach to a hotel room door, a ceiling, a tree, or even the artillery shaft on a tank.  Have an SUV? Attach to the rack on the roof when you are on a long road trip. TRX Suspension Trainers can be used for Cardiovascular, Flexibility, and Strengthening Exercises. 

There are no more excuses for not icing your knees or shoulders, or placing heat on your lower back. The Moji System's Ice and Heat products can be worn anywhere. Not only do these products aid in icing and heating ailments, they are made to add compression. Moji's ICE, Heat, & Message products are simply the best pieces of equipment on the market.

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