Work & Power Calculator

Work & Power Output Calculator

To calculate the approximate work and power output of a workout, fill out the form below.

Note that this tool does NOT calculate energy expenditure; it approximates the work (and power if time is included) performed by movement of the body and/or an external load.

Figures are approximate. For a complete explanation of the calculation process, see the article in Issue 14 of The Performance Menu.

1. Your Dimensions

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Your Weight

2. Movements, Weights, Reps

Weight Units
Weight: For movements that do not involve an external weight (e.g. push-ups, handstand push-up, etc.), leave the weight column empty. If weight was added to a normally bodyweight movement (e.g. weighted pull-up or dip), enter the added weight in the weight column.

Reps: Enter the total number of reps performed in the workout, e.g. for 3 round of 10 reps, enter 30 reps.
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3. Workout Duration

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If time is left empty, power will not be calculated