Target Heart Rate Zone Calculator

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the Karvonen Method, also known as the Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) Method, is the most accurate way of establishing a target Heart Rate for exercise. When searching for your target Heart Rate Range, you would need to find an upper limit (UL) and lower limit (LL). The percentages on the left side of the chart can be used as your LL, and on the right side, the UL. If you have not performed regular physical activity (exercise) within the previous 3 months, 50% may not be an adequate percentage. You may need to start lower at less than or equal to 30%. Please ask your Doctor if you have a known or possibility of a cardiovascular, metabolic (diabetes)  or other medically diagnosed disease before using any percentages or performing exercise. Although this is the most recommended method of determining your work rate (exercise), it may be detrimental to begin any type of physical activity.  Please click the link POLAR to learn more about Heart Rate Zone Based Training and a chart to see what it takes to reach your goals.

*NOTE - Before training at higher intensities (percentages), it is highly recommended to develop a base at a lower percentage for 2-3 months for previously sedentary individuals (<3 months of physical activity) and 6-8 weeks for a highly experienced endurance athlete.  If you are an athlete working for strength, power, or speed, long duration's of endurance training, that last >30 minutes may be detrimental to your performance, please contact us for programming help.

This Heart Rate Calculator is designed to help you determine the best workout intensity for your level of exercise experience, fitness and goals.


Exercise Heart Rate Calculator for Training and Weight Loss

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Karvonen Formula for Heart Rate Calculator
(Heart Rate Reserve Method)

50%   =   75%   =  
55%   =   80%   =  
60%   =   85%   =  
65%   =   90%   =  
70%   =  
95%   =  

Target Heart Rate Zone Calculator

50%   =   75%  =  
55%   =   80%  =  
60%   =   85%  =  
65%   =   90%  =  
70%   =   95%  =  

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