Personal training: Online & Remote


No more excuses. You want to exercise, but don’t know what to do. You want a trainer, but you can’t find a trainer to fit into your schedule. Your program is sour, and it needs to be spiced up. These are some common problems, that I am here to solve. With the assistance of technology and the power of knowledge and experience, I can give you the personal training experience you want without having the stress of not knowing what to do, scheduling conflicts, or that tired routine.

Are you wanting to work with a Personal Trainer but can’t afford the upfront cost? Using your Apple or Android device and an experienced Trainer, not only is it affordable, my fitness programs are built with cutting edge technology and science based off of your individualized needs that are sure to help you conquer your next challenge.

What makes this Online Personal Training different than others? Your program is developed by an actual trainer who works with you personally, who builds your program based off of your individualized needs and available equipment, and giving your the ability to train at almost any location you can. Don’t have a certain piece of equipment or need some modifications to the workout? Just send a message through the platform and I will adjust accordingly.

You want a program, but don’t need trainer? No worries here, I have Stock Programs that aren’t just affordable, but are built using the same cutting edge technology and science based practices as the Individualized programs. Whether you are working on a specific sporting event or just want to move better, look better, and feel better about yourself…I have you covered.

Do you offer In-Person (Remote) personal training? I do in-fact offer In-Person training, just on a limited bases. I offer 3 specific types of programs: AfterPTFitness, Ready2Play, and AtHomeFitness. To learn more about these services please visit In-Person Services.