Welcome to Brunner Athletic Development and Health Fitness, Key West's leading Certified Exercise Physiologist & Strength & Conditioning Specialist for personal fitness training and athletic development. Because our new roll with the Basilica School at St. Mary's, we will only be offering a limited number of one-on-one sessions per week. Soon to come we will be adding a top of the line online exercise prescription program, where you will be able to access your program at your fingertips. No more do you have to go into a gym guessing what you will be doing. Lastly, we recently released ProCOACH Nutrition, which has been considered the best nutrition coaching program on the market. It has results over the past 10 years with over 45,000 individuals with over 900,000 pounds lost. Help us make that over a 1,000,000 pounds by joining today. 


* If you have an injury, not sure if you are at a high risk of injury, or if you have a life threatening disease, please go to your physician first. Brunner Athletic Development & Health Fitness requires a signed physician's release form before beginning training.




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